Red Sleigh Fraser Fir

Red Sleigh™ Christmas Trees

There’s nothing quite like premium Red Sleigh™ Christmas trees.  Red Sleigh™ trees are more than symbols of Christmas, they’re highly crafted pieces that exemplify the very best in Christmas tree design.  Each Red Sleigh™ line offers a distinctively different Christmas experience that is in keeping with the very best traditions of the season.  From its careful construction to its finer detailing and finishing, the quality and elegance of a premium Red Sleigh™ Christmas tree is unparalleled.

Why Own A Premium Red Sleigh™ Tree?

Flawless Appearance

Our unique artisan approach, combining industry experts, fine craftsman and the highest quality materials, culminate into the creation of perceptibly superior Christmas trees.  Once displayed inside the home, our trees have been known to completely transform a room.  Click here now to see for yourself.

Superior Construction

Sturdy metal frames, hinged branches, twist proof bulbs and crush resistant needles are just a few of the features that make Red Sleigh™ premium Christmas trees the most durable in the industry.  Click here for even more features that set our trees apart.

Backed By An Industry Leading 10-Year Warranty

It's one thing to say that your trees are premium and durable, but the truest test of quality and long-lasting beauty is a manufacturer's confidence in their tree's ability to endure over the long-term.  Our trees are backed by an industry leading warranty and designed to last for a decade or more.  Click here for details.



Lifelike TruTip™ technology. Click here to learn more.

Did You Know?

Our trees offer many benefits including:


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