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Red Sleigh Trees

Quality Craftsmanship: Enhancing The Christmas Experience.

Red Sleigh™ trees are uniquely designed to capture the spirit of Christmas.  The awe inspiring feeling of the holidays motivates us to create the finest quality Christmas trees for public and private display.  Care is taken at each phase in the manufacturing process to ensure that every Red Sleigh™ tree acurately captures the brilliance, majesty and beauty of the season.  This high standard of excellence is demanded of us by our customers and is essential to the Christmas tree's role as a centerpiece in living rooms and public centers across the world.

What Makes Our Trees Better?

Sturdy Metal Frames and Stands

A strong foundation is essential to a tree's longevity.  Every Red Sleigh™ tree is built upon a solid steel frame and equipped with a one-step, easy to open metal stand.  When we say that your tree is made to last, we mean it.

Hinged Branches

Hook branches can be tedious and time consuming, requiring owners to erect their tree branch by branch.  So, instead of hooked branches, Red Sleigh™ trees are made with quick forming hinged branches. With a simple turn, hinged branches automatically fall into place, allowing trees to be put up by a single person in a short amount of time.

Tree Lights Include Twist Proof Bulbs And Lamp Locks

Of the many potential obstacles for displaying a beautifully lit tree at Christmas time, loose bulbs and light outages can be among the more frustrating.  For this reason, Red Sleigh™ trees feature twist proof bulbs and lamp locks to help prevent sectional outages due to unseated bulbs. Preventative features such as these help our pre-lit trees keep their glow all season long.

Well-Placed Bulbs & Tips

While other manufacturers tout high bulb and tip counts, Red Sleigh™ understands the importance of not just including large numbers of tips and bulbs, but distributing them properly all throughout the tree.  Bulbs that are hidden deep inside branches are less visible and therefore have little impact on the tree's overall glow.  Likewise, condensing branches closer to the base while leaving middle, top or trunk areas bare results in a visually anemic appearance.  At Red Sleigh™ we understand that a beautiful tree is a bright, full tree and inherant in that is the proper districution of bulbs and tips.

Less Visible, Pull-Resistant Wiring

It makes little sense for Christmas tree manufacturers to offer consumers premium styles and lifelike replications while also improperly stringing their trees with lights.  Loose, exposed wiring across the branches can undermine a tree's natural presentation and also create the potential for pulling and damaging the lights.  All wiring included on Red Sleigh™ trees are properly wrapped from behind and pinned to the branches and frame with metal clips to limit their exposure and reduce the likelihood that wires will be pulled on and damaged.

Thick, Crush-Resistant Needles

Stunning trees beg to be touched.  With that in mind, the PVC needles incorporated into Red Sleigh™ trees are generally thicker and of a higher grade than other trees offered in the marketplace.  Firm needles help the trees resist wear and tear and ensure the integrity of the product throughout its warranty period and beyond.