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Red Sleigh™ excellence is achieved through a collaboration of Christmas tree experts pulling together into one brand, the very best ideas in the industry.  To be certain, no compromises are ever made effecting the appearance or integrity of the product.  Instead, our efforts may more simply be characterized as fine design meets quality materials and solid engineering.  This rare combination of wisdom and workmanship results in nothing less than the most brilliant, longest-lasting and most desirable Christmas trees on the market.  In short, when you purchase a premium Christmas tree from Red Sleigh™, you know you have purchased the very best.

Important Facts About Our Trees

Cost Savings

Investing in an artificial Christmas tree makes economic sense. With the price of forest grown trees ranging from $60 to $90 or more, the cost of repurchasing live trees each year really add up.  In general, Red Sleigh™ trees can help consumers save up to 60% over the lifetime of their tree. What's more, purchasing a Red Sleigh™ tree with lifelike TruTip™ technology means that your tree will look and feel like the real thing, minus all the maintenance (watering, clean-up, disposal).

Fire Resistance

Christmas tree fires affect 2,600 individuals and 200 homes each year.  Red Sleigh™ Christmas trees are flame retardant, making them fire resistant to help ensure your family's safety this holiday season.


More than 15% of the U.S. population is sensitive to exposure from the types of mold associated with live Christmas trees.  Red Sleigh™ Christmas trees are naturally hypoallergenic, ensuring that sinus troubles won't damper your Christmas experience.

The Red Sleigh™ Advantage

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The Environment

Red Sleigh Environmental Facts

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